Chair: Shiva Frentzen
Vice Chair: Michael Ranalli


El Dorado County Board of Supervisors


John Hidahl, District I (Email)
Shiva Frentzen, District II (Email)

Brian Veerkamp, District III (Email)

Michael Ranalli, District IV (Email)

Sue Novasel, District V (Email)

El Dorado County Water Agency


Shiva Frentzen, EDC District II (Email)

Brian Veerkamp, EDC District III (Email)
Michael Ranalli, EDC District IV (Email)
Dale Coco, EID (Email)
Duane Wallace, South Tahoe Public Utility District (Non-voting member of EDWPA) (Email)



El Dorado Irrigation District

George W. Osborne, Division I (Email

Greg Prada, Division II (Email )

Michael Raffety, Division III (Email )

Dale Coco, Division IV (Email )

Alan Day, Division V ( Email )

The El Dorado Water & Power Authority (EDWPA) is a joint powers authority between the El Dorado County Water Agency, El Dorado County, and El Dorado Irrigation District.



Lupines in El Dorado County      

































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