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When Returning Home

As areas affected by the fire with destroyed homes and property are opened to residents, residents will have limited access to visit the property to collect recognizable belongings and mementos that may have survived the fire. Please review critical health and safety information when returning to an area that has been affected by the fire.  Property owners should not clean up their destroyed structures until approved to do so by El Dorado County Environmental Management.  Doing so may preclude you from future government assistance.

Returning Home & Safety Tips for Debris Removal

Please click here for tips on returning home and Fire Debris Removal Health and Safety Information for tips on how to safely remove debris when you return home.

If you have a private domestic well and it has been damaged, it may have been exposed to potential contamination and can contaminate surrounding groundwater if not repaired properly.

Fire can damage the well casing, electrical conduits and piping. DO NOT use the water for consumption which includes drinking, cooking, dishwashing, oral hygiene, hand washing, bathing and pets. If your well appears damaged, it may need to be repaired by a qualified professional and properly disinfected. Please contact El Dorado Environmental Health to discuss your well along with potential disinfection and testing requirements at (530) 621-5300 or

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