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Mosquito Bridge Project

Welcome to the El Dorado County Mosquito Road Bridge project website.


The Transportation Division of the El Dorado County Community Development Agency is updating the 1993 Mosquito Road Bridge Replacement Study prepared for the potential replacement of the Mosquito Bridge. Given that design standards, construction techniques, environmental conditions, and the needs of the County may have changed since 1993, this analysis will be reevaluated.

Prior to commencement of the study, the Transportation Division is conducting a public outreach effort to gather input, help identify the needs and concerns of the Community, and answer any questions about the process. This Bridge Replacement Study Update will reflect these issues and concerns and address potential improvements necessary to the existing facility to meet current and future needs. The pros and cons of several alternatives need to be considered before any decisions can be made.

The County cannot adequately address all issues without public input from those who are directly affected on a daily basis. Therefore, the public is encouraged to remain engaged throughout the process.

All materials and documents used during the public outreach as well new information and announcements as they become available are provided through the links below.

What's New

Updated Project Schedule* – posted May 3, 2019

*This is an approximate project schedule for the remaining milestones before beginning construction and is subject to changes and updates as the project progresses*

Mosquito Road Bridge Project Update - October 2017

Board of Supervisors Certification and Adoption of the Final Environmental Impact Report - August 8, 2017

Notice of Availability & Public Meeting of a Draft EIR - October 26, 2016

Board of Supervisors Presentation - August 16, 2016

Mosquito Bridge Public Workshop #3 - July 15, 2015

Board of Supervisors Presentation - April 28, 2015

Mosquito Bridge Public Workshop #2 - November 15, 2014


 Mosquito Bridge Public Workshop #1 - January 26, 2013