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image of William "Bill" Steward, Artist of the County Sealimage of Bill Steward and his wifeWilliam "Bill" Steward

The artist of our current County Seal, William "Bill" Steward, provided the design and graphics for the book, "I Remember...", researched and written by Betty Yohalem, published in 1977. Some 23 years later on August 29, 2000, Bill's drawing of the County Seal, on page six of the book, was approved by the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors as the official Seal of El Dorado County.

image of Superior Court of California, County of El Dorado sealBill Steward's drawing mirrors some elements of the current El Dorado County Superior Court Seal, but forgoes the symbols of justice that belong to the judicial system, and instead depicts "the natural wealth and industry of early El Dorado County." The Steward family, including Carol Mathis, who prepared the rendition of the original artwork for the County, released their rights to the art design at no cost to the County.

image of I Remember Book"I Remember ..." is a book of stories and pictures about El Dorado County pioneer families, and is now being made available by the El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce, the El Dorado County Historical Society, and the Mountain Democrat newspaper. Click here for the Chamber's website for ordering information.

Bill Steward passed away October 5, 2001 at the age of 90.
His memory and art will live on to serve the County of El Dorado ...  

Board of Supervisors Agenda Page 6 August 29, 2000, Item 27.
Supervisor Humphreys recommending proclamation honoring William A. Steward and Carol Mathis as Distinguished Citizens for their contributions to El Dorado County in designing a seal designated as the official seal of El Dorado County.
RECOMMENDED ACTION: Adopt Proclamation.

Seal Description: 

color image of the El Dorado County Seal by William StewartEarth Mother
Sutter's Mill
Hillside Gold Mill
Rising Sun

Four Stars:
black and white image of the El Dorado County Seal by William Stewart
Law & Order