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Weber Creek

images of Weber CreekHigh above Weber Creek stands the the Weber Creek Trestle, originally built in 1903. The old rails run across Weber Creek just west of HWY 49, also known as Sacramento Hill between Placerville and Diamond Springs.

History has been documented by several Historians for this particular area -- as Quoted from a previous story published: Spanish Hill – Placerville’s Mountain of Gold by Anthony Belli.

"Capt. Weber was one of the first to make his way along today’s Weber Creek, followed by two others, Perry Mc Coon and William Daylor. At first, all three successfully placer mined on Weber Creek, but Mc Coon and Daylor relocated to today’s Hangtown Creek. Under the penumbra of of Spanish Hill in the hollow of that creek the two men struck it rich, and the camp of Dry Diggings was raised."