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The Weller House

The Weller House, named for the successful merchant Elias Weller, dates back to the early 1850's. Known alternately as the "Bramer House", "St. Louis Exchange", "Restaurant and Oyster Saloon", "Orleans Hotel", and finally today, "The Weller House".

Elias Weller arrived in Coloma in 1852 and worked in the mercantile trade. On Christmas Day in 1864, Elias married 15 year old Katie Borland. Over the years they raised four children; Jennie, Katie, Charles and Elias Jr. Elias Weller established a hardware and variety store near his home and became a key figure in Coloma's history.

Today, tourists at the Historic Marshall Gold Discovery State Park can see docents sitting on the porch creating craft of the 1800's.

Ownership History of the Weller House:

1850’s S. H. Lettner
1853 Fred Bramer
1865 Elias Weller
896 Ralph Colwell
1924 Joe McGonigle
1930 John Hume
1948 Leland Borland
1957 Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park

image of Weller House in 1894
1894 Photo of Elias Weller and his family
[Photo courtesy of the Marshall Gold Discovery Museum]

image of Weller House in 2005
Photo of Weller House today [2005]
provided by Bob Darling Photography



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