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Sheriff James Hume

image of Hume UnderSheriff BadgeJames B. Hume began his career as a lawman in Placerville, California (hangtown) in 1862 when he was appointed City Marshal. Later in 1864 he was appointed Undersheriff of El Dorado County, a position he held for five years. In 1869 he was elected Sheriff after having won the election in 1868. 

image of Wells Fargo TrunkSheriff Hume left his position in Placerville in 1873 to became the Chief Special Officer of Wells, Fargo & Company where his reputation as a relentless pursuer of lawbreakers was soon bolstered by his arrest of the famous stage robber Charles E. Boles, AKA, Black Bart. 

image of Hume Sheriff Badgeimage of Sheriff Hume GunsPictured right are Sheriff Hume's Henry rifle that was on display in the Wells, Fargo museum in San Francisco for many years. 






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