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A Short History on the Neilsen Ranch

image of Nielsen RanchSometime during the late 1870's the first Neilsens, Magnus and Karoline, immigrated to the United States from Bornholm, Denmark. For Magnus, the dream of becoming a rancher was soon fulfilled with the establishment of a homestead just south of El Dorado, California. During his days as a Danish Merchant Marine, Magnus used a branding iron consisting of his initials, MN, to mark his personal trunks when aboard ship.

Neilsen Ranch Circa 1895
Upon coming to America, his branding iron found new employment as the ranch’s cattle brand. In the 1950’s, the original branding iron was retired as wall décor in the Neilsen’s home; however, the initial MN brand is still in use today. Over time the ranch has passed down through the generations; today, it is owned and operated by Magnus and Karoline’s great-grandson, Howard, and his wife Carolyn.

Published in the Ag Department 2005 El Dorado & Alpine Counties Crop Report