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image of Portrait of Edwin MarkhamEdwin Markham

image of a painting by L'homme à la houe by Jean-François MilletEdwin Markham Middle School was named after poet, Edwin Markam. Edwin's most famous poem was,"The Man With the Hoe". [Read the Poem Man with a Hoe] Born: April 23, 1852 and Died: March 7, 1940

The Man With the Hoe, written by Edwin Markham, was inspired by the painting L'homme à la houe by Jean-François Millet. It was first presented as a public poetry reading at a New Year's Eve party in 1898, and published soon afterwards. It evokes the laborings of much of humanity using the symbolism of a laborer leaning upon his hoe, burdened by his work, but receiving little rest or reward. It has been called "the battle-cry of the next thousand years" and translated into more than 30 languages.

Markham taught literature in El Dorado County until 1879, when he became Education Superintendent of the County.

images of Markam Middle School in PlacervilleSchools in California were named in honor of Edwin Markham:
Edwin Markham Elementary School in Vacaville
Edwin Markham Elementary School in Hayward
Markham Middle School in South Central Los Angeles
Edwin Markham Middle School in Placerville
Schools in other states named in his honor include:
Edwin Markham Intermediate School 51 in Staten Island
Edwin Markham Elementary in Pasco, Washington
Edwin Markham Elementary School in Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania 


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