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Diamond Springs Fire Engine

image of the Diamond Springs Fire TruckThe old fire truck found at the Diamond Springs Fire Station is a 1941 Ford - American LaFrance Fire Engine.

The Door reads in gold: "Diamond Springs Volunteer Fire Department".

This unit is an important part of our history and is now used for show, parades.

The Fire Engine was acquired from the Civil Defense following WWII. It is unique because it has chrome trim. War time vehicles, especially those produced for war, generally had no chrome. It was the first real production fire engine we had in Diamond Springs.

This Fire Engine fought a lot of fires. When it was replaced, it then carried the County's first 'Jaws of Life', becoming the communities first real rescue unit.

This engine is truly loved. It was acquired during a time when the firefighters paid for these things out-of-pocket, fundraisers and gifts. For a long time, no matter where the call was, the Fire Engine always turned right when they left the station. That was because it was down hill. The old timers couldn't afford batteries and right was down hill and made it easy to push start the truck. I hope we have improved some .... visit the Fire Station at


Todd of the Diamind Springs Fire Station