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image of the Bell TowerBell Tower on Historic Main Street

image of the BellTowerAn important historic landmark that still remains on Main Street is the Bell Tower. Standing as a monument to the city’s volunteer firemen, the bell was used as an alarm system to call out the fire fighters.

The history of the Bell Tower began back in 1865. In that year, three fires claimed most of Placerville's business district. It became obvious that there was a need for an alarm system to call the volunteer firemen into action. The bell was ordered from England and cast in 1860. It finally arrived in Placerville in 1865 and the city gave it's approval to place the bell in a tower in the plaza. All this was done at a cost of $380.

The Bell Tower has watched most of Placerville's history pass beneath it for well over 100 years. It has been remodeled, relocated, and most recently, renovated. It is also used as a gathering place for parades, celebrations, and other Historic Main Street events. Information provided by the Placerville Downtown Association.