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County Historical Landmarks

Properties of historical importance in California are currently designated as significant resources in three state registration programs: State Historical Landmarks, Points of Historical Interest, and the California Register of Historic Places. Below is a list of the State Historical Landmarks for El Dorado County. This data is provided by the Office of Historic Preservation - California Department of Parks and Recreation and is also available in the California Historical Landmarks Book.

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image of CountySealNo. 141

image of Historical Hangman SignIn the days of 1849, when this city was called Hangtown, vigilantes executed many men for various crimes. This was the site of Hay Yard, on which stood the 'Hangman's Tree.' The stump of the tree is under the building on which the plaque is placed. Location of Plaque: 305 Main Street, Placerville. [Take a Stroll Down Main Street Placerville]

image of CountySealNo. 142
image of Studebaker BrothersThis shop was built in the early 1850s. The front part housed a blacksmith shop operated by Ollis and Hinds, and John Mohler Studebaker rented a part of the rear. Here he had a bench and sort of woodworking shop where he repaired and worked on wagon wheels and the like. A little later he began to make wheelbarrows for the miners' use. He became engaged in the making of ammunition wagons for the Union Army - from that grew his extensive wagon and carriage business and, eventually, the automobile business.
Location of Plaque: 543 Main Street, Placerville.

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Historical Studebaker Brothers 2

Historical Marshall Small

Historical Blacksmith Shop Sign

Historical Blacksmith Shop


Historical Belltower



Historical AmericanRiver Inn





Historical 521 Greenwood Small521 Greenwood

Historical Sutter Mill Monument

/uploadedImages/Landing/Living/Stories/FirstGrangeLarge.jpgFirst Grange Large

Historic 570 Mormon570 Mormon

Historical Folsom FlipFolsom Fip.gif




Historical Sutters Mill SmallSutters Mill

Historicay Baley HouseBayley House

Historical 699 Mormon699 Mormon

/uploadedImages/Landing/Living/Stories/699MprmanTavernPlaqueLarge.jpgMormon Tavern Plaque Large

/uploadedImages/Landing/Living/Stories/MudSpringPlaque.jpgMud Springs Plaque