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Email Subscription Service


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El Dorado County now offers a free electronic subscription service that allows visitors to receive automatic email notifications when selected website information is updated.

Subscribers can choose from an expanding variety of topics and information categories that might be of interest such as:

  • News & Events – Job opportunities, press releases, news updates, election results, and calendars
  • Emergency Alerts – Health and safety information
  • Meetings – Announcements, calendars, agendas, and minutes
  • Publications – Reports, newsletters, and similar documents.

GovDelivery is a leading vendor of email subscription services for government agencies

How to Subscribe

To subscribe to receive notifications simply register your email address and select the subjects you wish to be notified about when information is updated. You will also notice pages throughout the website containing our subscription logo. Clicking on the logo will allow you to register a subscription for the information in that location. 
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How to Change Subscription/User Information

You can change or cancel your subscription at any time, either by selecting a link in any notification email or by updating your user profile. You will also notice pages throughout the website containing our subscription logo. Clicking on the logo will allow you to add a subscription for the information in that location.

Subscription Update – Add or delete specific subscriptions

User Profile – Cancel services, change your email address, add a secondary email address, change your delivery status, add or change an account password.

Frequently Asked Questions – Find answers to questions that you might have about the email subscription service.

Privacy Notice

The subscription service is provided free of charge by El Dorado County. Your email address will only be used by EDC to register you for email notifications and to allow you to access your account. For more details please read GovDelivery’s Privacy/Security Policy.

The California Public Records Act makes many of the documents and records that the County possesses public records, including records stored electronically. Subject to limited exceptions, we are required to make public records available to the public upon request. Examples of records that may fall under the requirements of the Public Records Act could include, but are not limited to, subscriber lists and correspondence. Other provisions of law, and court proceedings, may also require the disclosure of records in the possession of the County. Therefore, we cannot assure the confidentiality of records under all circumstances.

If you have any questions, please contact our Web Team.