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The Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) is a federally funded program to help income eligible households offset the cost of heating and cooling their homes. Eligible homeowners or renters may qualify to have specific payment amounts credited to their electric utility accounts or receive help obtaining firewood, propane, pellets or heating oil. Priority is given to the elderly, disabled and families with children under age 5. Eligible El Dorado and Alpine County residents may apply for this program.


Program Update: The 2019 HEAP Program is Now Open

Important HEAP Information:

-- Applications for HEAP are accepted by APPOINTMENT ONLY. Applicants must meet MINIMUM POINT THRESHOLD eligibility under the El Dorado County Health and Human Services Priority Plan. South Lake Tahoe and Alpine County Residents, please call 530-573-3490 for appointment.

-- Applicants must provide proof and documentation of any of the following in the home: Child under 5 years, Disabled or Senior over 60 years or older.

-- Applicants not named on the primary utility bill for which they are applying for must fill out a Client/Customer Consent Form. In addition, the person named on the utility bill must sign the form. Forms are included in the application.

-- To turn in your completed HEAP Application you will need to call 530-621-6150 to make an appointment. Tahoe Basin Residents, please contact 530-573-3490 for program updates.  

To process your application, you must provide the following documents at the time of your appointment.
(Please note: The office does not make document copies. You must provide your own copies. Incomplete applications will be returned.) 

  1. Completed 2019 HEAP Application
  2. Proof of total household income for the past 30 days. Anyone living in the household claiming 0 income must complete a Survey of Expense Form and provide documentation on how bills are being paid. Failure to supply sufficient documentation may result in application being denied. If you are self-employed, please call the office for required documents.
  3. Copy of the electric bill (all 4 pages) for the current month for which you are applying. Applicants applying for wood or pellets, please call the office for required documents. This year applicants are encouraged to bring copies of all utility bills. Please note: If applicant is applying for utility assistance and the bill is over $1000.00, the applicant must call the office to check on eligibility guidelines.
  4. A signed Client/Customer Consent Form if the applicant is not named on the primary utility bill for which they are applying for.
  5. Copy of the applicant's birth certificate.  

Check to see if you qualify using the Income Eligibility Wizard


HEAP and Weatherization Office Locations:

Placerville Senior Center - 937 Spring Street, Placerville    (530) 621-6150

South Lake Tahoe Office - 1360 Johnson Blvd., Suite 103,  South Lake Tahoe   (530) 573-3490
Applications and appointments are also available in El Dorado Hills, Pollock Pines, Somerset, Cameron Park, and Greenwood Area(s).
Call 530-621-6150 for times and locations.


Download a HEAP Application:

    Electricity/WPO Application          Español   
    Lake Tahoe and Alpine County residents only
    Natural Gas/Electricity Application  


For more information, see brochure:  

Energy Assistance Programs Brochure or call (530) 621-6150.


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Complaints of possible fraud, waste and abuse can be reported to the HHS Inspector Generals Hotline at 1-800-HHS-TIPS (1-800-447-8477) or DOE Inspector Generals Hotline at 1-800-541-1625.