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Solid Waste

Monitoring Well / Soil Boring Permit Conditions
Policy: all monitoring well/soil boring installations shall conform with existing California well standards code for construction, construction materials and department policy.

Additional requirements:

  • Prior to drilling, a line locating service shall be used to identify any potential drilling obstructions.
  • All exploratory borings must be properly sealed using techniques outlined in the California Well Standards.
  • All equipment, drill cuttings, and well development water shall be temporarily contained in DOT approved drums on site until lab analysis is complete. Drums shall be properly labeled and dated. Temporary storage time shall not exceed 90 days.
  • Monitoring wells must be completed at least 12" above grade with a monument type protecting cover. Flush type vaults shall be used in traffic areas only.
  • Each monitoring well must be locked and numbered.
  • All equipment used in drilling and sampling activities must be properly cleaned before and between each use. Chemicals, glues and solvents shall not be used in the construction of monitoring wells/soil borings.
  • If site not ready for a scheduled inspection appointment, then an additional fee (calculated per hour) may be charged.
  • An annual permit fee may be charged and annual inspection performed to confirm status of the monitoring well.
  • Other requirements may apply at the discretion of this department.
  • Contact this agency for a final to schedule a final inspection with a minimum of 48 hours advance notification


  • Well Permit Application to install or abandon monitoring wells, perform on or off-site remediation, conduct a site investigation or advance soil borings.