Local Measures for El Dorado County

The following Initiatives, Referenda, Recalls or Measures are attempting to qualify/qualified for the ballot in El Dorado County.  This list is being constantly maintained, but is not official.  Please contact our office at (530) 621-7480 to confirm the list or an initiative or measures status.

Statewide measures can be found on the Secretary of State's website, here and here, for measures already ordered to election, and eligible to be ordered to election, respectively .

This is the calendar for measures submitted prior to 125 days before the election.

Arguments and Rebuttals need to include a signature statement form, there is one for Arguments, one for Rebuttals, and if someone not on the Argument form is going to write a Rebuttal, a form authorizing them to do so.

Notice of Measures scheduled for the November 2018 Election:

Public Notice with Ballot Questions.

Full text, impartial analysis and arguments will be added as they become available.

Measures from previous elections that were listed here, may be found on the Previous Measures list.