Birth FAQs

Question 1 - How do I get a copy of a Birth Certificate for people born in El Dorado County?

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If a child is born in El Dorado County and has not been adopted or had a name change (other than marriage), you may obtain a certified copy of his/her birth certificate from this office. The fee is $28 per copy. Please send money order payable to the El Dorado County Recorder to the address below. Checks will delay your request by 15 to 20 working daysPlease download the required form and follow the instructions. New California Law SB 247 effective July 1, 2003 requires strict adherence to the published directions and completion of new forms when ordering by mail. If you come to our office in person you will be required to fill out similar forms. Please note the difference between Authorized and Informational copies.

Question 2 - What if a birth, death or marriage was in another county? Can I still get the certificate from your office?

No, we only have records for events that occurred in El Dorado County. For marriages, you must contact the County in which the license was issued. Call the County Recorder in the County in which the event occurred to find out how you can get your record. In most cases, you have options that do not require a visit. If you have difficulty locating a phone number for another Recorder, ask us for the telephone number of that particular County Recorder. El Dorado County Record-Clerk's office Phone Number: 530-621-5490.

Question 3 - I am adopted. How can I get a copy of my original birth certificate?

You first need to obtain a Court Order to release the record. Then send your request with a certified copy of the court order and $25 to:

California Department of Health Services
Office of the Vital Records - M.S. 5103
P.O. Box 997410
Sacramento, CA 95899-7410

For Vital Statistics not located in El Dorado County try:
Sometimes, it may be necessary to contact the California State Dept. of Vital Records for information.