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Kids and Dogs

Kids and Dogs - Your Puppy's First Day

Give your dog a head start on a happy life by making his first day a great one.

Your puppy's first day in your home is one of the most important times in his young life. Try to make it one of his best days.


It's very important for your dog to be wearing an ID tag from the first day he is at your home. Before you bring your new dog or puppy home, have the tag ready for him. If you haven't chosen a name for your dog yet, just put your address and phone number on it.

The first thing you are going to want to do is hold your puppy. You might want to hold him all the time. But it is very important for your puppy to have a chance to meet the other people in your family. He also needs to explore his new home.

Holding your puppy is important so he learns to love you, but on the first day, hold him only a few minutes at a time!

You and your parents should get your house ready before your pup comes home. Puppy-proofing your house will keep your new pup safe from danger. Click here for more information on puppy-proofing your home.



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