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Kids and Dogs

Kids and Dogs - Puppy Proof Your Home

  1. Make sure cords and wires are not where your dog can reach them.

  2. Place trash in cupboards or have your parents get trash cans with lids.Image of Dog In Crate

  3. Ask your folks to remove dangerous liquids, like cleaners and antifreeze.

  4. Clear off tables that your pup might reach.

Have a couple of safe puppy toys ready for your puppy to play with. He may not want to play the first day, but they will be there if he does.

Have a place for your dog to sleep. A crate makes a good bed. When your puppy is resting, he can be in a private place where no one will bother him. If you don't have a crate, put his bed somewhere that is cozy, comfortable, and private for him.

Your pup will probably need to go to the bathroom soon after he arrives. It would be a good idea to take him outside before he begins to explore your home. Praise him when he goes.

Give your new dog time to explore your house, but don't leave him alone. You can stand behind him and follow him to the places he wants to go.


Image of Dogs Next to a Fire Hydrant 

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