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Kids and Dogs

Kids and Dogs - Leash Training for Puppies

  • Start by attaching a light-weight leash to your puppy's collar.
  • Drop the leash and let the puppy drag it around.
    Call your puppy, tell her "good girl", hug her, and pet her...whatever feels good to both of you.
  • Leave the leash on for only a few minutes and never leave it on her when you are not with her.
  • Do this several times over a few days and pretty soon your pup won't even notice the leash.

Walking on a leash:

  • First, you need a 4 foot leash and a collar that won't slip off.
  • If you use a choke collar (you really don't need to), be sure that your dog only wears it during the lesson.
  • Start by having your dog sit on your left side facing front just like you.
  • As you say "Let's go", take a step starting with your left foot. Using your left foot all of the time will signal your dog that you are about to walk.
  • Walk at your normal walking pace and talk to your dog while you walk. Tell her what a good girl she is. You want her to be happy walking with you. Keep talking to her. Make it fun.
  • Go a few feet, then stop. You can praise her now. Or you can have her sit and then praise long as she stays with you.

NEVER leave a choke collar on a dog when she is alone!

TIP: If your dog is more interested in everything around her except you, try getting her attention using her favorite treat.

If there are too many distractions where you are, find a quiet place to start your training where your dog can concentrate on you.

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