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Kids and Dogs

 Kids and Dogs - Joining the Family

The best place for your new dog to meet your other dog for the first time is outside--in your yard (fenced) or in a park (on a leash). When they are comfortable with each other, bring them indoors.

Quiet, please!

Your puppy will do better if your house is quiet. Loud noises may scare him. Later, when he is used to your house, you can introduce new sounds slowly.  

  • Give your pup some water right away if he's thirsty.
  • Wait and give your dog some food after he has been home for a while and is feeling more comfortable.
  • Don't forget to let him outside every time he drinks or eats. See Housebreaking Your Dog for tips.

It is very important to know what Humane means: Image of Two Dogs Laying Next to Each Other

Humane means acting kind, gentle, and generous toward your pets.

See our page on Being Humane. Your new puppy needs to feel safe at all times. You can help him to feel that way by being humane to him.

TIP: Don't start any training on this first day. This is your pup's day to meet everyone.

It might be very tempting to take your dog out and show him off to your friends, but you need to wait a little while. First, let your pup get comfortable at home and with everyone that lives in your house.

Then, after your pup has had it's shots to protect him from illness, take him out for short walks not very far from your house. Always remember to tell your pup he is doing a great job.

Image of Dogs Next to Fire Hydrant

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