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Kids and Dogs

Image of a Child Hugging a PuppyKids and Dogs - Being Humane

Your best friend is counting on you to treat him with respect. Being humane to your dog will help him stay safe, healthy, and happy.


Humane means:

Acting kind, gentle, and generous towards all living creatures.

Are You Kind?

Being kind means feeling empathy and compassion for another. When we feel empathy, we know how to make our dogs feel good by feeding them when they're hungry, giving them water when they 're thirsty, or leaving them alone when you are tired.


Are You Gentle?

A gentle person is careful never to hurt a dog. Gentle people learn to hold dogs so they feel safe and comfortable. Gentle people teach dogs with encouraging words, and lots of hugs. Gentle people don't yell at their dogs, hit them, or handle them roughly.


Are You Generous?

Generous people give time, money and love to others. They take time to walk their dogs, play with their dogs, and pet their dogs. Generous people will give up TV time to be with their dogs. Generous people will spend the money that is necessary to keep their dogs healthy and happy.



Treating your puppy or dog with respect and kindness is the best way to teach your dog trust!

Remember these important facts:

  • People who are humane have more friends than those who are not.

  • Dogs with humane owners are happy and well-adjusted.

  • People who are humane feel good about themselves.

Your best friend will always be at your side.

Image of Dogs Next to Fire Hydrant 

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