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General Plan Best Management Practices (BMPs)

The 2004 El Dorado County General Plan, Policy, requires agricultural grading activities that convert one acre or more of undisturbed vegetation to agricultural cropland, to apply for an Agricultural Grading Permit through the El Dorado County Agricultural Commissioner’s office. At this time, there is no cost associated with the application.

All agricultural practices, including fuel reduction and fire protection, that do not change the natural contour of the land and that use “best management practices” (BMPs) may be exempt from obtaining an Agricultural Grading Permit. Anyone converting over an acre of natural vegetation, to agricultural cropland, is encouraged to fill out an Agricultural Grading Application, to help ensure BMP's are followed and the landowner and neighbors are protected.

Best Management Practices (BMPs)

Table of Contents
Access Road - Code 560
Cover Crop - Code 340
Channel Stabilization - Code 584
Channel Vegetation - Code 322
Conservation Cover - Code 327
Contour Orchard and Other Fruit Area - Code 331
Critical Area Planting - Code 342 (Part 1)1.46 KB
Critical Area Planting - Code 342 (Part 2)1.68 KB
Filter Strip - Code 393
Grassed Waterway - Code 412
Herbaceous Wind Barriers - Code 603
Irrigation System, Microirrigation - Code 441
Irrigation System, Sprinkler - Code 442
Mulching - Code 484
Residue Management - Code 329
Riparian Forest Buffer - Code 391
Riparian Herbaceous Cover - Code 390
Sediment Basin - Code 350
Tree/Shrub Establishment - Code 612  1.54 KB
Vegetative Barrier - Code 601
Water and Sediment Control Basin - Code 638


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