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Department of Transportation

The Department of Transportation is responsible for the funding, planning, designing, building, operating and maintaining the County Road System (CRS).  The County Road System currently consists of approximately 1083 centerline miles of paved roadway, 76 bridges, a ​multitude of storm drainage systems and related transportation facilities.

The ​two primary priorities of the Department of Transportation are:

  1. Public safety - ensuring that our roads are safe for public use with due care in a manner in which it is reasonably foreseeable that they will be used.

  2. Preservation of infrastructure - preserving and maintaining the public's multi-billion dollar investment in our roads, bridges and other facilities associated with the CRS.     

News and Information

Road Maintenance/Projects

Roadway and bridge maintenance, snow removal, traffic engineering, traffic signals, signs and markings, traffic counts, brushing, and pavement, curb, gutter and sidewalk repair.

Projects/ Engineering 

Transportation projects including capital projects in the West Slope and Tahoe Basin.

Development, Right of Way and Environmental (DRE)

Review improvement plans for new development projects, new commercial and residential proposals and issue encroachment permits for activities and construction with public right-of-way. 

Transportation Planning

Reviews transportation impacts of new commercial and residential development through traffic impact studies, maintains the County's Traffic Model and oversees and implements the Countywide Traffic Impact Mitigation Fee Program. 

DOT at Work

Maintenance, storm damage repair and CIP projects

Zones of Benefit

County Service Area Zones of Benefit - California Government Code Section 25210 allows for the formation of county service areas in unincorporated areas, providing an alternative method of furnishing additional services and the levy of special taxes or benefit assessments to pay for the services. County service areas do not provide revenue; the zones of benefit provide funding for services.


      Report Road Problems/Issues

(530) 642-4909
When reporting a problem, please include the location, description of the problem, and telephone number where you can be reached.