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(PLACERVILLE, CA) – The El Dorado County Board of Supervisors today unanimously approved the Fiscal Year 2018-19 total Recommended Budget of $605 million to fund the County’s programs and services for the coming year. $290 million of that amount is the County’s general fund and is largely discretionary funding.

“Today the Board of Supervisors found a balance that allows us to fully fund the General Fund contingency, General Fund reserves and the Designation for Capital Projects while also maintaining the level of services within the programs we currently provide to the residents of El Dorado County,” said Chief Administrative Officer, Don Ashton.

The total budget is six percent higher than last year’s adopted budget, mainly due to one-time costs associated with the new public safety facility and the jail expansion project. The summary of recommended position changes includes 12.4 full time equivalent positions being eliminated and 19.7 being added, primarily from four additional deputy sheriffs and state-funded positions within the Health and Human Services Agency.

In terms of the primary revenue sources to the County, the Recommended Budget projects $67.6 million in property taxes (a five percent increase from last year) and $12.4 million in sales tax revenue (a two percent increase from last year).

“Overall, this is a responsible, fiscally conservative, balanced budget,” said Board Chair Michael Ranalli. “It allows the County to continue to serve its residents well, accommodate reasonably needed growth and set aside monies for future unfunded costs.”

The final budget will be adopted in September, in accordance with state law. The Recommended Budget can be found here. Today’s presentation can be found here.



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