Carla Hass


(PLACERVILLE, CA) – El Dorado County officials announced today the first confirmed case of community transmitted COVID-19 in an El Dorado County resident. The resident acquired the COVID-19 virus from an unknown source.

“There are three ways in which we classify the way people acquire COVID-19; through close contact with an individual who has the virus, through travel-related exposure, and through an unidentified source in the community” said El Dorado County Public Health Officer, Dr. Nancy Williams. “We have had one confirmed case through direct contact and one case that is travel related. Today we have a confirmed case that was community transmitted.”

“We have prepared for the identification of this third type of transmission in El Dorado County and it underscores the importance of staying at home. The virus is here in El Dorado County, and it’s more important than ever not to travel to places outside the homes except for essential purposes. And when people are conducting essential services and activities, it’s critical to practice social distancing and properly washing your hands,” Williams said. El Dorado County Public Health provides updated information about COVID-19 on its website, prevention tips, resources for older residents and various other topics including schools, travel and County operations.


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