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(PLACERVILLE, CA) – As a result of earlier-than-anticipated data provided to Counties from the State to allow the redistricting mapping to occur, El Dorado County's Redistricting Team has announced a September 7th, 2021 deadline for public input on the Communities of Interest (COI) component of the effort.

That data that is needed from the US Census Bureau and California Statewide Databases to allow the County GIS department to begin creating map alternatives was released August 19th, a full six weeks earlier than anticipated. As a result, County GIS is working to finalize the system that will allow map alternatives to be created, a Public Download application to allow the public to access the data to create their own maps, and a Public Comment application that presents both public- and County-proposed alternatives.

"The submissions and inquiries about the COI have been relatively flat, but we believe the public will become more engaged once map alternatives have been created and made available for comment and discussion," said Board of Supervisors chair, John Hidahl.

The public will be able to download data and the census files beginning Sept. 7, 2021 from the County's Redistricting web page. The public can use the downloads and census data with whatever tools they may have in their own environment.

A review of map alternatives provided by GIS and the redistricting Team as well as any submitted by the public will be provided at the next scheduled Redistricting public meeting, which is scheduled for October 14, 2021.


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