Carla Hass

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(PLACERVILLE, CA) The El Dorado County Assessor today discovered that a small number of the Business Property Statements (571 L) mailed last week to businesses in the County included a return envelope with a Napa County address.

We caught the printing vendor’s mistake early and are taking steps to resolve the error and ensure that filed statements are properly processed, said County Assessor Karl Weiland. The Napa County Assessor’s office has agreed to forward to my office any El Dorado County statements they receive. In addition, Weiland is urging business owners to look closely at the return address envelope. If the address is for Napa County, the address should be corrected and mailed to: 

El Dorado County Assessor
Business Division
360 Fair Lane
Placerville CA 95667 

Every effort will be made to ensure that statements filed timely and using the wrong envelope are not charged with a late filing penalty. The County will be looking into other remedies in an effort to eliminate any misplaced statements that occur due to the vendor’s error. Weiland noted that it appears that less than 500 statements have the wrong envelope.

Business Property Statements must be postmarked by May 7th, 2018 to avoid the statutory 10% penalty. Any questions should be directed to the Business division of the Assessor’s office at 530 621 5716. Information on how to file or correct a filing is also posted to the Assessor web site at