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August is Child Support Awareness Month



All 50 states celebrate August as Child Support Awareness Month, and this year the California Department of Child Support Services honors those parents who make the effort to be an exceptional example in the lives of their children with the theme: GIVE THEM SOMETHING GREAT TO IMITATE.

Children imitate the actions of those around them. From a young age, children observe the way parents behave, the decisions they make, how they solve problems, and the dedication they show to their family and friends. California DCSS and your local child support agencies are proud to assist parents in setting positive examples that their children will emulate and pass on to future generations.

Remember, DCSS has programs to help ALL parents. If you have questions about your child support order, regardless if you are the person paying support or the person receiving support, reach out and learn how Child Support Services can help you be proud to have your kids grow up to be just like you.