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Yellow Bandana Campaign

  Eradicate the "White Flower"


Image of the Yellow BandanaWhat is a White Flower
Its the toilet paper you leave behind. You should use a Wag Bag.

What is a Wag Bag
A safe, eco-friendly human waste disposal system

Why use a Wag Bag
The chemical renders fecal matter inert. The Bag itself will decompose completely in a season.

How do I use a Wag Bag
Pee & poo in the bag. Add the chemical provided. Tie it shut.

Where do I dispose of a Wag Bag
Drop the bag in any trash bin, not into toilets or outhouses.

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Image of the Potty ManSanitation on the Rubicon
Get it right for the long haul.

Clean up mess & then some

Don't leave "white flowers"

Use & pack-out Wag Bags

No Wag Bags in toilets

Pack out All trash