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General Contact Number: (530) 621-5567


​Rubicon Trail

​Arnold's Rock

​Granite Bowl

​Rubicon Springs

​Rubicon Springs Swimming Hole

​Walker Hill

​Loon Lake

As of

November 22, 2017 the Rubicon Trail is Open. 


Click here for more current information



For answers to the Rubicon Kids Safety Patrol Handbook & Guide, click here

Winter Advice:

There are very few people on the trail during the off season (October through the melt), so, always be prepared to extricate yourself! The following is recommended to move in the snow - well set up and maintained rigs, lockers, 37” plus tires, a good winch, charging system, dual batteries, 100’ of extra cable, straps, and hardware. Always carry food, shelter, and warm clothes. Ham radio or satellite phone are the ONLY ways to communicate out of the Rubicon.

Temperatures can be VERY cold, in the single digits, so go prepared!

Always carry a toilet...Wag Bag it!

Don't forget a Spill Kit!

Fire restrictions are NOT in place, which means campfires are allowed with a permit, but you still must have a permit from the Forest to have a fire or propane fired device (stove, fire, etc.).

For more information contact the County Parks Division at (530) 621-5360

Here are some additional winter use tips and recommendations for the trail. Visit FOTR (, Rubicon Trail Foundation ( or on Facebook for the latest information.

Contact Us

The Rubicon Trail is managed by the

County of El Dorado,  Parks and Trails Division

Please address Rubicon Trail inquiries to: 

Vickie Sanders (530) 621-7538

Justin Williams (530) 621-5554


The Rubicon Oversight Committee is an  ad-hoc committee that meets on an "as needed" basis.  For more information, contact  the Parks Division office at (530) 621-5360