General Contact Number: (530) 621-5567


​                          (This page is for retired law enforcement officers only)



    To request for a range time, please email Lori Nielsen at 
    Open this Calendar to find your desired Retiree Range Day.
    Download the Range Qualification Course.   

To get a retiree CCW, you will need:    

  1. Complete the CCW Renewal Retired PO APP form
  2. Complete the Retired ID Card Information  form.
  3. Get a recent Photo for your Photo-ID.
  4. A Copy of your Driver’s license.
  5. Return the completed forms to M. Smithcamp at

Your application will be reviewed and processed and your new ID will be mailed to you via certified mail.

Other Resources:

US Federal Code Section Title 18, 926 B  
US Federal Code Section Title 18, 926 C