​                          (This page is for retired law enforcement officers only)



    To request for a range time, please email Lori Nielsen at  nielsenl@edso.org 
    Open this Calendar to find your desired Retiree Range Day.
    Download the Range Qualification Course.   

To get a retiree CCW, you will need:    

  1. Complete the CCW Renewal Retired PO APP form
  2. Complete the Retired ID Card Information  form.
  3. Get a recent Photo for your Photo-ID.
  4. A Copy of your Driver’s license.
  5. Return the completed forms to M. Smithcamp at Smithcampm@edso.org.

Your application will be reviewed and processed and your new ID will be mailed to you via certified mail.

Other Resources:

US Federal Code Section Title 18, 926 B  
US Federal Code Section Title 18, 926 C