Office of Emergency Services (OES)

The mission of the El Dorado County Office of Emergency Services is to prepare the people in El Dorado County to prepare for, respond to, and recover from emergencies which threaten life, property, or the environment. 

Operational Area

In 1994, the Board of Supervisors designated the Sheriff's Office the responsibility for managing the County's Office of Emergency Services (OES).  Sheriff's Office employees assigned to the OES work in collaboration with Fire services, Emergency Medical Services, hospitals, schools, and public and private agencies to implement preparedness programs, develop emergency response plans, and conduct training drills.

Emergency Operations Center Activation Goals

Activation of the Emergency Operations Center facilitates the sharing of information and resources between the county, the Operational Area cities, and other agencies. This allows EOC staff too efficiently:

  • meet the immediate needs of people (rescue, medical care, food, shelter, clothing)

  • work towards temporary restoration of facilities essential to the health, safety, and welfare of individuals (sanitation, water, electricity, road, street, and highway repairs)

  • meet the rehabilitation needs of people (temporary housing, food stamps, employment).

Volunteering and Training opportunities

  • CERT- CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) 
  • The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), is a training program that prepares people in neighborhoods, the workplace, and schools to take a more active role in emergency management planning. It helps to prepare yourself and others for disaster.
  • American Red Cross-
  • The Capital Region Chapter of the American Red Cross offers many local volunteer opportunities


For more information about OES, check out this year's annual report!  Click here to take you to our most current annual report.