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K9 Unit

K9 Team Photo

Team Leader Dep. Jeff Tucker K9 partner Carly
Dep. Sean Gillespie K9 partner Cargo
Dep. Steve Coburn K9 partner Eros
Dep, Jeremiah Hamon K9 partner Bak (In Training) 

The El Dorado County Sheriff 's Office Canine Unit was started in 1981 and has evolved since its inception. The Department fields four canine teams which are assigned to the Patrol Division. Our patrol dog teams consist of German Shepherds and Belgium Malinois.

The teams are trained in tracking, area searches, building searches, and handler protection. The teams are also cross trained in article and narcotics detection.  Each canine team is on call 24 hours a day to assist as necessary. 

The dogs have been successfully utilized as officer protection in the apprehension of armed and violent criminals, narcotic searches, evidence searches and educational demonstrations at local schools. The K-9 unit is one of the elite units within the Sheriff's Office.

Bak Hamon

Our newest additions to the EDSO Canine Team are Deputy Hamon and K9 Bak.  Bak is an 18 month old German Shepard Dog.  Bak was born in Czech Republic and received his initial training in Schutzhund in Germany.  Bak’s initial training included obedience, tracking and protection. Bak’s commands are currently in German.  Bak will be teamed with Deputy Hamon who has been a Deputy Sheriff with EDSO since 2007.  Deputy Hamon has held previous collateral assignments within the Patrol Division including SWAT, CIT, OHV, Honor Guard, and the Special Enforcement Team.  Deputy Hamon and Bak are currently attending a 6-week CA POST Certification Course which covers obedience, tracking, area & building searches, handler Protection and article searches.  Upon completion of training, Deputy Hamon and Bak will be assigned to the Patrol Division where Bak will be utilized in apprehension of violent criminals as well as searching for suspects, searching for missing persons, searching for evidence used in the commission of crimes, and searching for illegal narcotics.

K9 Cargo Gillespie

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