General Contact Number: (530) 621-5567

Vacation Home Rental Information

VHR Complaints

If you are experiencing problems with a nearby Vacation Home Rental in unincorporated El Dorado County, you can get help using the following processes:

Important: Do not put yourself in harm's way when making a complaint. Call 911 if you feel your safety is in jeopardy or there is an emergency.

1. Call the Local Contact

The County recommends making contact with the Local Contact for the Vacation Home Rental as a first course of action. The Local Contact is required to respond immediately to complaints and may be the fastest way to abate issues like noise, over-occupancy, or other issues with VHR renters. To find the property manager's phone number, you can:

  • Take a look at the exterior sign, which is required to be visible from the Road, and which must include the phone number of the Local Contact.
  • Look up the contact information online, using the address. (Coming soon!)

To find out whether the nearby home has a valid VHR Permit, visit the Vacation Home Rentals Map and search by address.

2. Response Time

Wait for a response from the Local Contact. The local contact could be either the owner or the property manager, and either way they are responsible for contacting the renters to correct the problem within 30 minutes.

3. Submit a Compliant for Enforcement

If you are unable to locate the contact information for the Local Contact, or if they are not responsive, call the Sheriff's Department non-emergency number to report the problem.  

  • To contact the Sheriff within the Tahoe Basin dial:  (530) 573-3000
  • To contact the Sheriff on the West Slope dial:  (530) 621-5655

For any non-emergency issues the County Sheriff will respond in person to any complaints relating to noise, trash, and/or the number of cars or people exceeds the permitted maximum, or other issues with renters. They may also note any other violations, such as failure to post contact information, missing safety features, or other issues that are required for owners of VHRs. They will issue a notice of violation to the person responsible for the violation, be it the owner or the renter, which is then forwarded to Code Enforcement. Fines for Violations are payable to Code Enforcement.  The Vacation Home Rental Ordinance lists the fines and outcomes based on the number of violations for a property.

Another option for submitting complaints regarding non-urgent issues is to contact Code Enforcement directly at Please include the address, permit number, photos and a description of the issue. You can also report issues during weekends and outside of business hours by using our online form at .