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Filed CEQA Notices

V22-0003_Willsey_FILED Notice of Exemption

TM21-0002_Sierra View Estates_FILED Notice of Determination

CUP22-0008/PD-R22-0002_Quick Quack Car Wash Holdings LLC_FILED Notice of Exemption

DA22-0001_East Ridge Village_FILED Notice of Exemption

CUP-R22-0018_Syres Cell Tower Replacement_FILED Notice of Exemption

TM-E22-0007_Cameron Ranch_FILED Notice of Determination

CCUP21-0005_Norcanna Distribution and Delivery_FILED Notice of Exemption

P-E22-0002_Ponte Palmero Phase II_FILED Notice of Determination

TM-E22-0006_Piedmont Oak Extates_FILED Notice of Determination

CUP20-0014_Uso Nonconforming Use_FILED Notice of Exemption

CCUP21-0001_Embarc Meyers_FILED Notice of Exemption

CUP-R22-0038_Sinclair Signage Rebrand_FILED Notice of Exemption

V22-0004_Deichler_FILED Notice of Exemption

P-E22-0001_Robert J Matthews Parkway_FILED Notice of Exemption

DR-R20-0005_Veerkamp_FILED Notice of Exemption

DR22-0002_Tumble Time II_FILED Notice of Determination

P21-0010_Kukharets Parcel Map_FILED Notice of Determination

CUP21-0009_Holly's Hill Vineyards Microbrewery_FILED Notice of Exemption

CUP22-0004_H2O Alaro Microbrewery_FILED Notice of Exemption

P21-0005_El Dorado Senior Village Parcel Map_FILED Notice of Exemption

DR22-0001_Dutch Bros Coffee House and Drive Through_FILED Notice of Exemption

DR-R22-0001_Kwik Serv Rebrand_FILED Notice of Exemption

Conservation Organization Agreement for the Purpose of Providing Funding for the Acquisition and Maintenance of Oak Resources_FILED Notice of Determination

P-C21-0002_Levi_FILED Notice of Exemption

CCUP20-0001_Cybele Holdings Commercial Cannabis Cultivation and Nursery_FILED Notice of Determination

CUP-R21-0049_AT&T Colocation on Verizon Tower_FILED Notice of Exemption

DR21-0008_Newman Multi-Family Home_FILED Notice of Exemption

TM-E22-0001_Silver Springs Time Extension (TM97-1330)_FILED Notice of Determination

DR21-0007_1776 RV & Boat Storage_FILED Notice of Determination

GPA21-0003, Z21-0011_General Plan Amendment-Rezone_FILED Notice of Determination

CCUP19-0001_Foothill Health and Wellness_FILED Notice of Exemption

DR20-0006_ECO Motel_FILED Notice of Exemption

V21-0003_McCune_FILED Notice of Exemption

CUP-R20-0059_Enchanted April Acres_FILED Notice of Exemption

CUP21-0003_Santana Pool_FILED Notice of Exemption

PD-R20-0009_Grocery Outlet_FILED Notice of Determination

SP-R21-0001_Amendments to the Meyers Area Plan to Add Accessory Dwelling Units_FILED Notice of Exemption