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Adopted General Plan Amendment Board Resolutions  

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General Plan Amendments Table

Resolution Number Approved Date Project Number Amendment
061-2006 March 7, 2006 A06-0001 Land Use Element
Policy, Table 2-3
061-2007 April 10, 2007 A06-0025 Housing Element
Policy HO-3.g
184-2007 July 17, 2007 A06-0002 Land Use Element
Policy, Table 2-3
184-2007 July 17, 2007 A06-0007 Land Use Element
167-2008 June 17, 2008 A07-0011 Land Use Element
191-2008 July 1, 2008 A07-0004 Housing Element
entire Element replaced
193-2008 July 1, 2008 A08-0005 Transportation and Circulation Element 
(Policy TC-Xa)
194-2008 July 1, 2008 A08-0005 Transportation and Circulation Element
(Policies TC-Xb, TC-Xc, TC-Xd, TC-Xf, TC-Xh, Tables TC-2 and TC-3, & Implementation Measures TC-A and TC-B)
335-2008 December 9, 2008 A07-0010 Land Use Element
Policy, Table 2-2; Policies & 
062-2009 March 24, 2009 A08-0013 Public Health, Safety and Noise Element
Objective 6.1.1 & Policy
083-2009 April 21, 2009 A07-0004R Housing Element
entire Element replaced
264-2009 December 10, 2009   Land Use Element
Policies,, &; Policy, Table 2-2
161-2013 October 29, 2013   A13-0007 Housing Element
entire Element replaced          
  208-2014 December 2, 2014   A14-0001 Land Use Element 
238-2014 December 16, 2014   A13-0003 Land Use Map
Land Use Element (Policy
Public Health, Safety, and Noise Element (Policy, Policy, Objective 6.5.2, Policy, Policy  (delete), Policy, Policy, Measure HS-I, Measure HS-K) 
Appendix B 
130-2015    July 28, 2015  

Land Use Element
Objective 2.7.1 & Policy

 196-2015 December 15, 2015  

Land Use Element (Policy, Policy, Objective 2.1.4, Policies to, Policy, Policy, Policy, Policy [delete], Policy [delete], Policy, Policy, Policy, Policy, Policy, Table 2-1, Table 2-2, Table 2-4, Implementation Measure LU-P, Implementation Measure LU-Q)

Transportation and Circulation Element (Policy TC-1m, Policy TC-1n, Policy TC-1w, Policy TC-Xb, Policy TC-Xg, Policy TC-Xi, Policy TC-4a, Policy TC-4d, Policy TC-4f, Regional Planning [Goal TC-8 (Policies TC-8a to TC-8d) and Goal TC-9 (Policy TC-9a)], Implementation Measure TC-Y

Public Services and Utilities Element (Policy and Policy

Public Health, Safety, and Noise Element (Policy, Objective 6.7.1, Policies &, Policy, Implementation Measure HS-X)

Conservation and Open Space Element (Policy, Policy, Policy

Agriculture and Forestry Element (Policy [delete], Policies &, Policy

Economic Development Element (Policy

 Voter-approved Measure EEffective date:
July 29, 2016

Transportation and Circulation Element (Policies TC-Xa, TC-Xf, and TC-Xg)

 190-2016 December 6, 2016 Transportation and Circulation Element (Local Planning, Circulation Map, Figure TC-1, Road Classifications, Table TC-1, Policy TC-1U [delete], Policy TC-1y [delete], Implementation Measure TC-V(1) [delete]) 
October 24, 2017

Conservation and Open Space Element (Objective 7.4.1, Policies,,,, [delete [delete], [delete],,,, [delete], [delete],,, Objective 7.4.3 [delete], Objective 7.4.4, Policies,,, [delete], Objective 7.4.5 [delete], Policies [delete] and [delete], Measures CO-K, CO-L, CO-M [delete], CO-N [delete], CO-P, CO-U [delete])

October 24, 2017

Transportation and Circulation Element (Policy TC-Xa, Table TC-2, Policy TC-Xf, TC-Xg, 2016 Measure E Implementation Statements)

​February 13, 2018

Land Use Element  
​March 20, 2018

Land Use Element  
(Policy and Lake Tahoe Basin)
199-2018September 25, 2018
Land Use Element  
(Policies and [delete])
201-2018September 25, 2018Transportation and Circulation Element (Policy TC-Xc)

​August 6, 2019

Public Health, Safety, and Noise Element (Policy and Policy

​August 6, 2019
Transportation and Circulation Element  (Policy TC-Xa.3 [delete])


​August 6, 2019

Land Use Element (Policy, Policy, Policies and [delete], and Table 2-4)

​December 10, 2019

Economic Development Element (Policy [delete])