​Title 130 Zoning Ordinance Updates

Since adoption of the Zoning Ordinance Update (ZOU) in December 2015, Planning staff identified a list of minor amendments to the Zoning Ordinance and limited, parcel-specific corrections to the adopted Zoning Map (Project File No. OR 17-0001) to correct documented mapping errors, correct typographical/grammatical/formatting errors, clarify language, correct inaccurate/obsolete code and document references, and consolidate/renumber adopted zoning regulations not included in the 2015 ZOU.  Several major amendments were also identified and are proposed to be considered by the Board of Supervisors (Board) as part of a separate update effort (Project File No. OR 17-0002). 

On June 28, 2018, the Planning Commission will hold a public hearing to consider the proposed Zoning Ordinance minor amendments and limited parcel-specific corrections to the adopted Zoning Map (Project File No. OR 17-0001).  The public hearing notice is posted here.   The staff memo and attachments are posted on the County's online agenda calendar:  https://eldorado.legistar.com/Calendar.aspx (See Planning Commission agenda 6/28/2018, agenda item No. 6, Legistar file No. 18-0942).

​Supporting Documents

ROI 139-2017 (Zoning Ordinance Minor Amendments)

ROI 140-2017 (Zoning Ordinance Major Amendments)

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Background Information

​On September 12, 2017, the Board directed staff to begin the process of making these amendments and authorized work under two separate Resolutions of Intention (ROIs):  ROI 139-2017 for minor amendments and ROI 140-2017 for major amendments. (See Supporting Documents below for the ROIs).

​Board of Supervisors/Planning Commission Agenda Items

​​Date:    6/28/2018
Item:  6
File ID:    18-0942
Version:  1

Description:  Planning Commission hearing to consider proposed Title 130 Zoning Ordinance Minor Amendments and Minor Revisions to the Zoning Map submitted by El Dorado County. The minor changes include but are not limited to: 1) Corrections to typographical/grammatical/formatting errors; 2) Text modification for clarity; 3) Corrections of inaccurate or obsolete code and document references, including renumbered sections of Title 130; and 4) Consolidation/renumbering of the following adopted zoning regulations that were not part of the County’s 2015 Zoning Ordinance Update adopted on December 15, 2015: (A) Airport Safety (Ordinance No. 4182 adopted on May 12, 1987); (B) Parcel Size Exception (Ordinance No. 4156 adopted on April 16, 1991); and (C) Signs (Ordinance No. 5025 adopted on July 28, 2015). The proposed Zoning Map changes are to correct documented mapping errors affecting 11 specific parcels identified with the following Assessor’s Parcel Numbers (APNs): (1) APN 043-550-64 (Camino area), (2) APN 046-840-55 (Somerset area), (3) APN 046-840-56 (Somerset area), (4) APN 046-840-62 (Somerset area), (5) APN 046-840-69 (Somerset area), (6) APN 060-361-95 (Garden Valley area), (7) APN 074-042-02 (Cool/Pilot Hill area), (8) APN 074-042-03 (Cool/Pilot Hill area), (9) APN 121-280-15 (El Dorado Hills area), (10) APN 123-630-09 (El Dorado Hills area), and (11) APN 327-213-34 (Placerville area); and staff recommending the Planning Commission recommend the Board of Supervisors take the following actions: 1) Approve the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Addendum to the Targeted General Plan Amendment-Zoning Ordinance Update Environmental Impact Report consistent with Section 15164 of the CEQA Guidelines (Attachment B); 2) Approve the proposed minor amendments to the Zoning Ordinance, incorporating additional changes recommended by the Planning Commission on June 28, 2018, and adopt an Ordinance adopting a comprehensive minor amendment to Title 130 of the El Dorado County Ordinance Code (Attachments C-J); and 3) Approve the proposed minor revisions to the Zoning Map and adopt the Rezone Ordinance (Attachment K).

Date:  9/12/2017
Item:  21
File ID:  17-0901
Version:  1

Description:  Community Development Services, Planning and Building Department, recommending the Board take the following actions to initiate the process to make various updates to the Zoning Ordinance: 1) Approve and adopt Resolution of Intention 139-2017 to amend the Zoning Ordinance for Minor Amendments; and 2) Approve and adopt Resolution of Intention 140-2017 to amend the Zoning Ordinance for Major Amendments.

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