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BAE Memorandum/Land Use Designation (LUD) Maps

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In 2015, the County commissioned BAE Urban Economics, Inc. (BAE) to conduct a land inventory analysis to assess the current status of parcels designated for Commercial, Industrial and R&D use located in the unincorporated area of El Dorado County. BAE conducted the analysis and prepared a Draft Memorandum dated November 6, 2015 summarizing the land inventory. The memorandum and Land Use Designation (LUD) Maps (Figures referenced in the memo) are below.

Upon review, if you find a mapping error, please email Shawna Purvines at and identify the specific mapping error you wish to have reviewed for possible correction.

The documents below are in PDF format and should be viewed with Adobe Reader.

BAE Land Inventory Summary – Final Memorandum dated November 6, 2015

Land Use Designation (LUD) Maps

Community Region LUD Maps

Rural Center LUD Maps

Non-Community Region/Rural Center LUD Maps