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Senior Shuttle Provides Valuable Service for Senior Residents in El Dorado County

New riders and volunteer drivers welcomed


Looking for something to keep you moving and connected to your community? Are you a senior living on the west slope of El Dorado County who can no longer drive, but still wants to run your own errands or take short trips to new places? Or are you looking for a rewarding volunteer opportunity?  

If you haven't heard about the El Dorado County Senior Shuttle, perhaps it is time. The Senior Shuttle is always looking for new riders and volunteer drivers. 

The Senior Shuttle is a local community service that helps seniors age 60+ with transportation needs. The program, which operates on the west slope of El Dorado County, offers weekly van shared rides to local grocery and retail stores, and periodic trips to Folsom, Camino orchards, and other locations. The van picks riders up at home, takes them to the destination and returns them home. The goal is to help seniors stay independent and connected to their communities.

Meet Joyce, a retired nurse. When Joyce started having problems getting around in her vehicle, she didn't want to bother her family with her transportation issues. "I hated asking my daughter each time I wanted to pick up groceries," said Joyce. "It's hard to ask for help when you've been used to doing everything for yourself." After calling the Senior Shuttle to arrange a ride from her home to the store, Joyce felt her self-worth return. "I loved getting out again and meeting so many nice people. I got my independence back!"  

Meet Bill. "I heard about the Senior Shuttle from a local newspaper article and thought volunteering as a shuttle driver might be something enjoyable I could do to assist others," said Bill. After signing up to volunteer and going on his first ride along, Bill knew this volunteer opportunity was right for him. "The Senior Shuttle gives seniors a chance to visit places they normally couldn't access. As a volunteer, I get to meet new people, help them out and fill the spare time in my life."

The Senior Shuttle currently needs more volunteer drivers. Drivers must pass a background check and have a clean driving record. "Our volunteer drivers are the heart of the program; without them the program wouldn't exist. The Seniors who depend on the shuttle for grocery shopping trips are especially reliant on the dedicated volunteers," said Johanna McGillivray, program assistant with the Senior Shuttle Program. 

The Senior Shuttle has a suggested donation of $2.00 for local trips to and from home and $5.00 for trips outside of El Dorado County. Seating on the Shuttle is limited and fills up fast. Seniors are encouraged to call and make reservations early in the week! The Senior Shuttle is NOT wheelchair accessible.

To make a reservation or to volunteer, please call (530) 621-4546. The Senior Shuttle is a program of the El Dorado County Health and Human Services Agency. Additional information about the Senior Shuttle and local senior programs can be found online at

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(Pictured above is Johanna McGillivray. Johanna coordinates the Senior Shuttle program in El Dorado County. The Senior Shuttle, which assists seniors over the age of 60 with transportation needs, is currently welcoming new riders and volunteer drivers. The shuttle operates on the west slope of El Dorado County).