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National Adoption Day Observed November 20, 2017 in El Dorado County


(Placerville, CA) – National Adoption Day is observed every year during the month of November in the United States to raise awareness about children in foster care awaiting adoption. In El Dorado County, National Adoption Day will be recognized on November 20, 2017. On that day, staff from the El Dorado County Health and Human Services Agency (HHSA) encourage individuals and families to learn more about adoption and to consider adopting a child in need. 

"El Dorado County recognizes the importance of giving children permanent, safe and loving homes through adoption. Our goal is to ensure that all children in our county find permanent homes where they can be nurtured, healthy and happy," said Leslie Griffith, Assistant Director at HHSA.

During the calendar year 2016, HHSA coordinated the adoptions of 37 children in El Dorado County; they expect to complete 46 adoptions in 2017. "We are so grateful to the individuals and families who have stepped forward and opened their hearts and homes to these children," said Griffith. According to Griffith, there are nearly 300 children currently in foster care in El Dorado County, and 62 children awaiting adoption. Nationally, an estimated 400,000 children are currently in the foster care system in the United States and more than 100,000 children are waiting for families to adopt them.

The average length of time a child spends in foster care waiting to be adopted is three years; but for many children, particularly older youth and teens, an adoptive parent may never come forward. "Many children 'age out' of foster care by reaching adulthood without being placed into a permanent home," said Griffith. "These children often face a difficult road ahead as young adults because they are on their own with no family support system."

Griffith says there is now a great need for both adoptive parents and resource foster families in El Dorado County. Individuals and families interested in helping children ages six and older, as well as sibling sets, are especially needed. HHSA provides supportive services, training and guidance for potential adoptive parents and resource foster families. For more information about the Adoption Services or Foster Care programs in El Dorado County, please contact HHSA's Child Protective Services Unit at (530) 642-7100 or visit

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