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EDC Prevention

Peer Council Student Application

We are glad you want to volunteer!  Please answer the following questions as completely as possible.
If you are selected to have an in person interview, please bring a parent/guardian with you to the meeting.

Dress/Attire and Conduct for the Peer Council: Dress as if you were going for a job interview

  • No Hats.
  • No Shorts, (skirts must be knee-length or longer).
  • No sleeveless shirts, bare midriffs.
  • No sweatshirts or casual shirts.
  • No chains, excessively baggy pants, gang attire.
  • No sandals (closed toed shoes).
  • No inappropriate language or attire.
  • Cell phones are to be put away and on silent. If they are seen you will be excused.
  • No iPods, MP3 players, earbuds, headphones etc.
  • Arrive to the meeting on time.
  • Schedule transportation in advance.

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