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Millions of children have been diagnosed with COVID 
and tens of thousands have been hospitalized.

Vaccines help protect your child from serious illness 
and hospitalization from COVID.

During the Omicron period,
unvaccinated children ages 5-11 were twice as likely to be hospitalized with COVID-19 than vaccinated children.

Everyone ages 5+ should
get a booster for longer protection
against the worst outcomes of COVID.

A new, easy-to-use tool is now available for Latinos and
other Spanish speakers to learn about vaccines and COVID-19.

WhatsApp allows you to text on your phone anytime,
anywhere to find answers to your questions,
and even book a vaccine appointment!

Una herramienta nueva y fácil de usar ahora está disponible para que los latinos y otros hispanohablantes
aprendan sobre las vacunas y el COVID-19.

WhatsApp te permite enviar mensajes de texto
desde tu teléfono en cualquier momento
y en cualquier lugar para encontrar
respuestas a tus preguntas,
¡e incluso para programar una cita para la vacuna!

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To Obtain a Copy or for Questions about your COVID-19 Vaccine Record