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Traveling To or From California? 

Follow These Travel Guidelines

June 2022 - CA Department of Public Health

Follow CDC Travel Guidance

All travelers arriving or returning to California from other states or countries should follow CDC travel guidance.

Positive Test Result? Isolate and Take Precautions

All travelers who test positive or develop symptoms of COVID-19 should isolate and follow public health recommendations.

Make Sure You Are Up to Date on Your Vaccines Before You Travel Internationally

If you’re traveling internationally, follow CDC testing guidelinesfor international travel before and after your return to the U.S. Follow all CDC and California masking guidelines. Stay informed of CDC travel recommendations by destination that will warn you about high transmission rates in an area. 

Stay up to date with your COVID-19 vaccinations.

If You Travel Domestically, Test Before and After 

If you travel domestically (within the U.S.), test as close to your time of departure as possible (no more than 3 days) before travel and test after travel. If you had a confirmed COVID-19 infection in the past 90 days (approximately 3 months), you do not need to test before or after traveling or stay home after you returned from travel.

Wear a Mask on Public Transportation (Regardless of Your Vaccination Status) 

Masks are strongly recommended on public transportation (including airports, planes, trains, buses, stations, etc.) into, within, or out of the U.S. Be sure to follow all local health rules, which may be stricter than statewide rules. 

Read our guidance on face coverings.