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Health and Human Services

Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) Guidance

Due to the rapidly changing variations of State guidance, please see the California Department of Public Health link to various guidance documents here. At this time, El Dorado County has no more restrictive guidance than that from the State. 

See the State tier system and metrics, what is open and not open in each tier and other information on its Blueprint for a Safer Economy  

Face covering guidance for vaccinated and unvaccinated people (5-3-21)

COVID19 Activity and Business Tiers State (4/12/20)

Blueprint Tier and Activity for Fully Vaccinated People (4/13/21)

Gatherings (4/13/21)

Travel & Post-Travel Quarantine (4/2/21)

Private Venues & Events (4/14/21)

Indoor Seated Live Events & Performances (4/14/21)

Guidance for Fully Vaccinated People (4/15/21)

Quarantine time period (12/14/20)

State-issued Reopening Guidelines for:

Overnight Camping (5-13-21)

K-12 School Reopening (3/20/21)

Commencement & Graduation Ceremonies (3-26-21)

Outdoor & Indoor Youth & Recreational Adult Sports (3/16/21)

Restaurants (11/24/20)

Bars (11/24/20)

Wineries (11/24/20)

Halloween & Dia de los Muertos (10/13/20)

Small Cohorts/Groups of Children & Youth

Youth Sports & FAQ

K-12 School Reopening Guidance 

Expanded Personal Care Services (nail salons, tattoo parlors, estheticians, body waxing, piercing shops, cosmetology services, electrology, massage therapy) (10/20/20)

Outdoor Recreation

Outdoor Seated Live Events & Performances (4/1/21)

Campgrounds, RV Parks Ski Operators & Other Outdoor Recreation (12/1/20)

Hotels, Lodging & Short-term Rentals (VHRs) (10/20/20)

Day Camps

Schools & School-based Programs

Cardrooms, Satellite Wagering Facilities & Racetracks

Outdoor Operation of Cardrooms (9/9/20)

Family Entertainment Centers (10/20/20)

Restaurants, Bars & Wineries (Tasting Rooms)

Religious Services & Cultural Ceremoniess (2/6/21)

Museums, Galleries, Zoos & Aquariums

Gyms & Fitness Facilities (10/20/20)

Office Workspaces (pro sports without live audiences)

Retail (yard/garage sales)

County Guidelines for Whitewater Rafting Business

These guidelines and supporting materials are effective unless and until the State issues whitewater rafting-specific guidance. 

Whitewater Rafting Guidelines.pdf

Whitewater Rafting posting

Whitewater rafting risk infographic

Short-term Lodging Facility Directive

Dr. Nancy Williams, El Dorado County's Public Health Officer, issued a Directive clarifying Governor Newsom’s March 19th “Stay At Home” Order as it relates to short-term lodging.  COVID-19 Short Term Rental Directive

Guidance Documents from California Department of Public Health:

The California Department of Public Health has consolidated state guidance on how to prepare and protect Californians from COVID-19 in a single location. This includes guidance for:

  • Community Care Facilities, Including Assisted Living Facilities and Child Care
  • People at Risk for Serious Illness
  • Drinking Water, Recreational Water and Wastewater
  • Employers, Health Care Workers and Workers in General Industry
  • Entertainment Venues
  • First Responders, Including Paramedics and EMTs
  • Food Industry
  • Event and Gathering Guidance
  • Homeless Assistance Providers
  • Individuals with Access or Functional Needs
  • Medi-Cal Managed Care Health Plans
  • Health Care Facilities from Cal/OSHA
  • Health Care Facilities, Including Long-Term Care Facilities
  • Health Care Plans
  • Coverage Options
  • Home Cleaning with COVID-19 Positive Individuals
  • Laboratories
  • Schools and institutions of higher education
  • Long-Term Care and Adult and Senior Care Facilities