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Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) Cases for El Dorado County

Case information reported July 30, 2021

Below is today's update which will be reflected on our dashboard by 5:00pm. 

  • 62 cases (11,125) 1 in Pollock Pines, Camino, Kyburz; 14 in El Dorado Hills; 3 Diamond Springs, El Dorado; 1 in North County; 9 in Greater Placerville; 10 in Cameron Park/Shingle Springs/Rescue; 3 South County; 14 in Lake Tahoe region; 7 awaiting address confirmation (total awaiting address confirmation is 84)
  • 5 aged 0-17, 33 aged 18-49, 13 aged 50-64, 11 aged 65+; 0 date of birth unknown (total date of birth unknown is 13)
  • (515) additional negative test results 
  • 21 assumed recoveries (10,449)
  • 10 hospitalizations/5 ICU 
  • No additional deaths (120)


  • Adjusted case rate: 12.8
  • Positivity rate: 6.1%
  • Health equity quartile positivity rate: 10.3%

Vaccine measures:

  • Cumulative fully vaccinated: 92,781 (48.0%)
  • Cumulative with at least one dose: 104,271 (54.0%)

*Please note: The estimated percentages of fully vaccinated individuals and individuals with at least one dose are based on counts provided by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) here. CDPH is routinely conducting data quality control checks including deduplicating and correcting address information, which may ultimately reassign an individual to a different county of residence. For this reason, these counts may decrease as the vaccine data is updated.

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  1. The dashboard shows cases by episode date, not by the date El Dorado County Public Health was notified about the new case. Episode date is the earliest of the following dates: (symptom onset date, diagnosis date, specimen collection date, date received, or date of death) and serves as the best approximation of the date of infection. 
  2. The rate of new cases in El Dorado County, as shown on the dashboard, is the number of cases received in the state’s electronic lab reporting system (CalREDIE) over a 14-day period. The 14-day case rate being used to make the determination which tier a county is assigned is being calculated using episode date.

*Negative test disclaimer: Whereas laboratory-confirmed case numbers reflect only El Dorado County residents, negative results may also include some non-El Dorado County residents whose tests were performed within the county. Total negative results include results for individuals who have been tested more than once. This differs from the count of total confirmed cases, as individuals who test positive on multiple occasions are only counted as a single case. For this reason, these two numbers (total confirmed cases and total negative test results) are not comparable and should not be used together to calculate a positivity rate. Only PCR or NAAT tests (tests that detect viral RNA) are included in this estimate of "Total Negative Test Results". Antigen tests and antibody (serology) tests are not included in this estimate.  

Statistics are NOT updated on weekends or County holidays, but weekend cases are reflected in the Monday updates. Tests were completed by healthcare providers across El Dorado County, including local hospitals and private healthcare facilities. Some tests were completed by healthcare providers and hospitals in other counties. All statistics are being provided as County Public Health Communicable Disease Investigators gather information. For that reason, counts (geography, gender, etc.) may change as more information is received during the course of investigation. 

State Status updates:
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