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Solid Waste

Mandatory Commercial and Multifamily Complex Recycling

Introduction and Background: California’s Mandatory Commercial Recycling Law
According to 2008 Statewide Waste Characterization data, the commercial sector generates nearly three fourths of the solid waste in California. Furthermore, much of the commercial sector waste disposed in landfills is readily recyclable.  Assembly Bill 341 requires a business that generates 4 or more cubic yards of solid waste per week or multifamily complexes with 5 or more units to arrange for recycling services.

Key Elements of the Law
Purpose: To reduce the amount of waste being deposited into our landfills by diverting commercial and multifamily complex solid waste to recycling efforts and to expand the opportunity for additional recycling services and recycling manufacturing facilities in California.

Key Roles:

  • Commercial and Multifamily Complex Recycling Requirements: A business (includes public entities) that generates 4 cubic yards or more of commercial solid waste per week or a multifamily complex with 5 or more units shall arrange for recycling services. Businesses and multifamily complexes can take 1 or any combination of the following in order to reuse, recycle, compost, or otherwise divert solid waste from landfill disposal:
    • Self-haul (third party haulers are not authorized) to an approved recycling facility;
    • Subscribe to the franchise solid waste hauler for your area;
    • Arrange for the pickup of recyclable materials by an approved recycling facility or bona fide charity provided that there is no net expense to the business or multifamily complex in connection with the removal of those materials from the premises. Recyclable materials must be substantially separated from non-recyclable solid waste by the business or multifamily complex. 

A property owner of a commercial business or multifamily complex may require tenants to source separate their recyclable materials to aid in compliance with this section.

Recycling Benefits:
Although recycling is mandatory for commercial businesses which generate 4 or more cubic yards of waste and multifamily complexes with 5 or more units, there are several benefits as well:

  • Opportunities for businesses or multifamily complexes to save money;
  • Creating jobs in California by providing materials for recycling manufacturing facilities;
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Keeping valuable materials out of landfills; and
  • Creating a healthy environment for the community and future generations by recovering natural resources.


Please contact the recycling coordinator for the franchise solid waste hauler servicing the area, your business, or multifamily complex is located. They can help develop a recycling program suited for your needs.   


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