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Solid Waste

Local Enforcement Agency

The Local Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) are designated by the governing body of a county or city and, upon certification by CalRecycle, are empowered to implement delegated CalRecycle programs and locally designated activities.  LEAs have the primary responsibility for ensuring the correct operation and closure of solid waste facilities in the state. They also have responsibilities for guaranteeing the proper storage and transportation of solid wastes.

Pile of waste

Solid Waste refers to the handling and disposal of non-hazardous wastes such as garbage, yard wastes, and construction and demolition debris. Solid Waste does not include human sewage.

The LEA’s focus is permitting, inspection and enforcement of:

  • Landfills/disposal sites (active and closed)Placer County line

  • Transfer stations

  • Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs)

  • Composting operations

  • Construction/demolition debris and inert material operations

  • All other Solid Waste facilities.

Placer County is contracted by El Dorado County to conduct certain LEA activities on El Dorado County’s behalf. 

These activities include permitting, inspection and enforcement at solid waste operations and facilities, both active and closed.  Placer County Environmental Health is a certified Local Enforcement Agency (LEA) by the Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle). 

Please contact Placer County Environmental Healthregarding any issues related to the Local Enforcement Agency in the El Dorado County Area. 

Placer County Environmental Health – Auburn Office

3091 County Center Dr. Suite #180

Auburn, CA 95603


Please contact El Dorado County Environmental Management to submit a roadside litter (on county maintained road), solid waste, sewage, or hazardous materials complaint.  

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