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Solid Waste

El Dorado County Solid Waste Advisory Committee (EDSWAC)


The El Dorado County Task Force was established in 1990 pursuant to AB 939, the California Integrated Waste Management Act. The statutory term of a Task Force member is five (5) years and their role to your Board is advisory only. The County of El Dorado Task Force is called the El Dorado County Solid Waste Advisory Committee (EDSWAC).

Responsibilities of EDSWAC include: identify solid, liquid and hazardous waste issues on a countywide or regional concern; assist with the coordination and continued development of source reduction and recycling programs; determine the need for solid waste collection systems, processing facilities, and marketing strategies that can serve more than one local jurisdiction within this region; and prepare, maintain and update the El Dorado County Integrated Waste Management Plan.

EDSWAC has been instrumental in having the EI Dorado County Siting Element, Source Reduction and Recycling Element, Household Hazardous Waste Element, Non-Disposal Facility Element and Summary Plan approved by the California Integrated Waste Management Board. The implementation of the programs and facilities adopted in these planning documents are overseen by EDSWAC.

EDSWAC assisted with development and adoption of the El Dorado County Solid Waste Management Plan (SWMP). The SWMP provides the County with a strategic roadmap through the year 2040 to use in planning for: coordinated, countywide, and jurisdiction cooperation; initiating new or enhancing existing solid waste programs and services; developing new and enhanced solid waste facility infrastructure; and maintaining solid waste flow control. The SWMP was designed to assist the County in reaching its 75% landfill diversion goal by 2020 in the most cost-effective manner.

Recent EDSWAC activities include: development and adoption of the El Dorado County Construction and Demolition Debris Recycling Ordinance (Chapter 8.43) and program implementation, the 5 year review of the El Dorado Integrated Waste Management Plan and SWMP, development of the “El Dorado Recycles” logo and education and outreach plans, monitoring of mandated recycling and diversion programs, and ongoing collaboration with County staff, waste haulers, incorporated cities, and community service districts on implementation of the strategies identified in the El Dorado County SWMP. Committee Members

2021 Meeting Schedule

All meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of every other month from 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. at 2850 Fairlane Court, Building C, Room 248, Placerville, CA unless identified otherwise in the annual calendar.  

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