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Approved Bear Resistant Garbage Can Enclosures

Image of Brown BearEl Dorado County Ordinance 4600 requires the installation of bear-resistant garbage can enclosures in conjunction with the construction of all new residential units on parcels that lie within the boundaries of the Silver Fork, Tahoe Truckee Unified, and Lake Tahoe Unified School Districts. Bear-resistant garbage can enclosures may also be required if the garbage collection and/or storage site has been inspected by our Department and determined to be a bear access problem. The ordinance is intended to enhance public health and safety by eliminating conditions that attract bears to inhabited areas.

A site plan that clearly designates the location and name of the bear-resistant garbage can enclosure must be approved by the Environmental Management Department. Bear-resistant garbage can enclosures shall be located within 20 feet of a county maintained road, or other road if subject to garbage pickup service, but not closer than 10 feet from the edge of pavement or curb. The enclosures shall not be located within a road right of way or easement. The unit must be installed prior to final and/or occupancy approval for all new residential construction 


Approved Bear Resistant Garbage Can Enclosure Vendors
Baker Bear Bin
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Bear Guard
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Bear Saver
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Brown Bear
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GP Fabrication
Garbage Safe
Raymond Ghio
(209) 464-4614
No Bear Can 
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Sierra Paw Box
Frank Heitger
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